Brother CP-7500

» About:
Brother CP-7500 is a lightweight, computerized sewing and quilting machine that can accommodate your larger projects. The CP7500 may just be your dream machine! With 70 built-in stitches, 110 stitch functions, and seven styles of one-step auto-size buttonholes, this machine is perfect for all your crafting, garment or home decorating needs. The oversized wide table can accommodate your quilting and larger projects as well. Convenient features such as an LCD screen with computerized stitch selection, automatic needle threading, automatic bobbin winding, one-step bobbin replacement, and one-touch start/stop/reverse operations also make the CP7500 easy to learn and use. It even has a hard cover to protect your investment. Lightweight, affordable and packaged with over a dozen accessories, the CP7500 is the perfect computerized solution to your sewing needs.
» Features:
✔ 70 built-in stitches and 110 stitch functions
✔ LCD screen with computerized stitch selection
✔ Oversized wide table for quilting and larger projects
✔ One-touch start/stop/reverse operations
✔ 1-Step Buttonhole with 7 Styles
✔ Automatic needle threading
✔ Quick-Set drop-in bobbin and automatic bobbin winding
✔ Variable sewing speed control
» Pro:» Con:
✔ Great with denim and thick fabrics✘ Dim work light
✔ Easy to use✘ Spool pin doesn’t feel very sturdy
✔ Lots of stitches to choose from
✔ Runs very quietly
✔ Nice looking stitches
✔Lots of presser feet
✔ An excellent choice for beginners
»Mach’s Review:
Brother CP-7500 is a computerized Sewing Machine is getting very good ratings from owners. It is not too expensive but prices vary significantly from one online retailer to another. You will want to do your due diligence if considering a purchase. The machine comes with over 100 multiple stitch functions, auto-size buttonholes, an over sized table and many accessories. It is also very easy to use and lightweight. Although some consumers feel that its lightweight construction may have durability issues over time. Many stitches can be modified in width or length for a total of 110 stitch functions (total variations of the built in stitches). Stitch width can be modified up to 7mm and length up to 5mm for select stitches which means you can create a super sized zigzag stitch with this sewing machine. Drop in bobbins are usually easier for beginners to use. The additional enhancement of the Quick-Set ™ bobbin with the one step replacement makes things just that much faster to set up. You literally plop the bobbin in the case and hook the thread to one side and it’s ready to sew. The combination of the Start/Stop button and the speed control slider allow you to sew without the foot pedal, if you so choose. While a foot pedal is included, the combination of the Start/Stop button and the speed control slider can be used to sew completely with your hands – no foot pedal required. If you’ve grown up sewing with a foot pedal, you might not care to use this feature but beginners LOVE this option and often never use the foot pedal. Operating controls are very simple. An LCD screen display selected stitch information and tells you which presser foot you need for each stitch. Two pairs of up/down arrow keys control stitch selection, stitch width, and stitch length. This sewing machine proves up to the challenge regardless of fabric. Its quality manufacturing is surpassed by few competitors in its price range. According to a wide range of reviews, customers have found that the Brother CP-7500 is incredibly easy to use. Right out of the box with proper reading of the manual, a novice sewer can begin any project. The slider control for speed is a favorite among consumers, as it allows for the user to be in complete control of the movement of the fabric. In addition, the automatic threader and drop-in bobbin features allow for little operator error, making the Brother CP-7500 sewing machine perfect for skill or age level. Finally, unlike many other machines in its price range the CP-7500 is known for being incredibly well built and for having little, if any, tension problems.
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