Brother XL2600/XL2610

» About:
This versatile sewing machine is perfect for garment construction, craft projects and basic mending. Loaded with features, the Brother XL2610 sewing machine offers 59 stitch functions, 25 built-in stitches, an automatic buttonholer and free-arm sewing for shirt sleeves and pant legs. This unit also features an automatic needle threader, built-in thread cutter, drop in bobbin and an automatic bobbin winding system.
» Features:
✔ Revolutionary automatic needle-threading system
✔ 25 built-in stitches
✔ Pattern Selection Dial
✔ Automatic bobbin winding system
✔ Automatic Needle Threading System
» Pro:» Con:
✔ Automatic needle threader works well✘ A bit noisy at times
✔ Lightweight✘ Reverse button sometimes doesn’t feed the fabric straight
✔ Inexpensive
✔ Simple to operate
✔ Reliable
✔ Comes with a variety of stitches
✔ Handles several layers of fabric well
»Mach’s Review:
Like many of the best-selling Brother sewing machines, the XL2610 is a very good entry-level machine. It is a free-arm sewing machine and it comes with 25 built-in stitches and 59 stitch functions. Consumers give this machine good marks and most feel that it is a great beginner machine that does what it is supposed to do. It is also lightweight, easily portable and reliable. Threading seems like an extremely time-consuming task for the sewers. That is the only reason for buyers to look for the machines that have the feature of automatic threading.

It makes sewing less laborious and time-consuming. Brother XL2610 sewing machine has automatic threading mechanism and cutter that makes sewing a delightful experience.

It is not only helpful for the new users who wants to run from manual threading but also for the experienced sewers. It makes sewing a spontaneous endeavor.

Thus, this machine saves the user from troubling them in setting up the thread manually. Every new and experienced sewer wants a piece of assistance from the machine regarding creating mesmerizing crafts. This model has been coded with 25 different stitches with 59 stitch functions.

Various types of stitches can easily be located at the side of the machine, right above the knob.

These built-in stitches can be used to create beautiful designs and crafts. The stitches include quilting, blind hem, garment construction stitches, decorative stitches and assorted stitches.

All the basic and premium stitches are available with this model. It is always welcomed by every user to find amazing new accessories with the machine. This model comes with various accessories.

There are extra three bobbins other than the basic one that comes with the machines included with this machine.

Other than that, there are additional three needles with the machine.

These needles are apart from the one that is incorporated in the machine. Also, there is a twin needle that is added into the kit. Users can also get extra spool pin for twin needle sewing.

There is also a darning plate and screwdriver incorporated with the shipment when this model is purchased.
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